Our understanding of nature and the environment, together with basic research in physics and biology, have helped Nidaria to develop unique safe and convenient sun protection products.


Jellyfish sting protection, The world’s only sunscreen which protects the skin against jellyfish stings, keeping ocean lovers in the water and out of agony.

Sun protection: Advanced research on sun radiation and photodamage to skin is used at Nidaria to develop the best sun protection products for our clients and partners.

Clinical trials: Nidaria is the only company in the world with the knowledge and approval to conduct clinical tests on preventing jellyfish stings in clinical and ocean environments, in accordance with FDA, EU & Japanese regulations.

Scientific articles: Nidaria’s initial research was published in Nature, the world’s most prestigious life science magazine. Nidaria studies carried out at Stanford University and other leading hospitals have been reported in scientific, medical and cosmetics reports.

Packaging: Nidaria provides the best service and solutions for its partners. Our R&D team has developed our sunscreen and dual protection products in topical gel, lotion, cream, aerosol and spray formats, packaged in quantities from 50ml to one ton.